Monday, April 29, 2013

Project Life 2013: Big Outings and Pink Kits

I got my mojo back and finally felt like working on Project Life.  The nice thing about doing a layout every 2 weeks is that it allows me a little time and space to NOT work on it, without that nagging feeling of "getting behind". I'm not sure there's anything I hate more than guilt induced by crafty stuff that's supposed to be FUN.

I didn't have a strong color scheme or materials in mind for this layout, so I thought I'd let my April Citrus Twist kit guide me.  There was a lot of bright pink in it, and even though it didn't exactly match the colors in the photos I took, I charged ahead anyway.

Am I the only scrapbooker who doesn't care about matching photo colors to paper? I just think it makes it less fun that way.  Given how often T's jackets appear in photos, I'd always be using the same colors, and I'd get ridiculously bored.

We had some Big, scrapbook-worthy stuff in these couple of weeks.  I gathered up the kids and we went to the Tulip Festival, BabyM had her first solid food (avocado!), and we went to the Olympic Sculpture Park in downtown Seattle.  (Click for larger images.)

April 8-21: Tulip Festival, first solid food for BabyM
April 8-21: Sculpture Park, Starbucks demographics, Uwajimaya

April Project Life Studio Calico Calendar close-up

I keep my PL pages pretty flat and free of bulky embellishments so I can fit all the year's pages in one 3 ring binder. But when I finished this spread, I thought it looked *too* flat. Fortunately, there were some cute embellishments in the Citrus Twist kit to fix this problem - four little circle "gems" with patterns and bright pink floss. I like how they added just a bit of dimension and shine to the page.

My handy-dandy Tiny Attacher stapler is awesome for keeping the floss in place.  I still love those tiny staples.  I'm also in love with the crazy triangle stamp from a recent Studio Calico kit. I'm looking for excuses to use it everywhere.  It's especially cool stamped in metallic ink.

I'm still having challenges printing my photos from Lightroom so they're nice and bright.  I found a video from Scott Kelby that may help, so I'll hopefully get that sorted out before the next spread.

Here's a slide show of my 2013 pages, including close-ups.  If you can't see it, click here to view my entire 2013 Project Life gallery.

Project Life @ The Mom Creative


  1. Lovely. To be honest matching photos and papers for PL never crosses my mind. Lately I have just been grabbing a 12 x 12 paper from my stash that I like and is 6 months old or older and using it in my PL. My stash is slowly shrinking and I can justify some new paper purchases!

    1. Yes! I'd like to do this too (and have several "special" papers in mind) but I have so many of the little cards that I feel like I should use those first!

  2. Beautiful! I love all the journaling you included!

    1. Thanks! I definitely like to journal. Usually I don't have enough room for it!

  3. Totally lovely - I seldom match photo colours with cards but I may have card choices in mind when I see the pics I have for th eweek. For instance for last week's one page I used the cinnamon kit although I had something else in mind because I had so many autumn leave pictures.

    1. That's great! Yes, sometimes I'm inspired to use a very specific set or the latest kit, etc. but this was one of the weeks I just wasn't sure where to start!

  4. I want to match my photos with my pages every time...but sometimes it just doesn't work. Most of the best pages I've made do actually match, but I'm okay with them not matching.

  5. I tried to comment from my phone the other day and it wouldn't let me, so I just gave up :_
    I really love your pages this week. Matching to colors in photos is totally not needed I think. That being said, T's cute is really cute. I so love the tulips too. I'm impressed by all the pink you squeezed in there. I used alot this week too and then realized it was way too pastel. Oh well.

  6. I also love your pages this week.

    I do match slightly... but it's more so that nothing glares at me and disturbs me visually :)

    Then again my matching is card colour - so glad I don't have a lot of scrapbook paper (I use mine for non-scrapbook purposes like covering tins :))

    Love that pic of your husband and child on the walkway!

  7. i love the effect of not matching papers to photo colours in your PL pages. Thanks for sharing what you created with the CTK !


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