Thursday, June 09, 2005

And every gambler knows the secret to survivin'

That lyric is too easy for all y'all smart folks out there.

We're leaving for Las Vegas today. Dave is coming to dogsit for Peanut. Maybe some of his giant brain power will rub off on the Peanut, and he will become a Quantum Mechanical Dog.

Spike is at Aunt Susie's house on dog vacation. Maybe she'll take some more cute pictures of the Spikeman - the ones she took last time were the best pictures we have of Spike since he was afraid of cameras before the wedding. Now he's almost a little Diva Dog (or should that be Divo, since he's a boy dog?) who poses for the camera.

I picked up an awesome book yesterday at the Company Store - Sharing Digital Photos - The Future of Memories. It's somewhere between a how-to book on taking good digital photos, and a design book on how to create compelling stories and share them with others. It's a lovely book, full of color pictures and great diagrams. So maybe I'll take some of what I learn from that book and use it here or on our Smugmug site to share some pictures. We have a giant folder full of them on our NAS drive, and no real organization to them.

I won't be posting again until Monday or Tuesday, unless we find an Internet connection for Laptopasaurus. Peace out!

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  1. Hope you had a great time in my hometown!! Did you win lotsa money or deposit some into our economy?? Hope lady luck was with you. :)


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