Wednesday, September 28, 2005

If you want to destroy my sweater

I went shopping today. Bought two sweaters and a long sleeved shirt. I guess I'm finally admitting that summer might be over. I also bought a really cool sterling silver necklace with a star hanging from the clasp for $30, marked down from $120. I love finding deals like that - Macy's jewelry clearance has some pretty good stuff if you look hard. It's nice having some disposable income. I have some pretty strict criteria for purchases, though - I have to absolutely love it before I buy it. That makes me feel better about the money I spend. There are actually shopping trips where I come home empty-handed. That never used to happen!

I tried on a bunch of clothes and I am happy to report I am definitely a size 12 now, no question. Woo hoo. A few more pounds lost, and I'll weigh less than Tyra Banks, famous supermodel. (We'll ignore the fact that she's about 7 inches taller than I am...)

Spike is communing with his Squeaker, Peanut is flopped in the exercise room, and TJ is walking on the treadmill watching some awful Western. I'm just waiting for the new Law and Order episode to start so we can watch it together. Work is crazy busy, mostly because I'm still catching up from being sick. But busy is good and I love what I'm doing at work.

Well, it's L&O time. See ya later!

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