Monday, May 15, 2006

99 in the shade

Wow, it was wicked hot today in Seattle - I think it got up past 80 degrees. Yes, it's sad but true that we consider that hot here. Considering most houses don't have air-conditioning, it's not surprising. Fortunately, work is air-conditioned.

Well,our trip to Eastside Dog yesterday actually turned into a trip to two Petco stores since at 7pm on a Sunday, Eastside Dog was already closed. The first Petco, near Redmond Town Center, had only one small Squeaker, and it was a sad-looking, dirty white one. I didn't even know they came in white. Not wanting to go home empty-handed, I tossed it to Spike and he gave it a disdainful look and walked away. So I put that one back on the rack, and we set out for the Crossroads Petco.

There was a plethora of Evil and Good Squeakers at the second Petco, though no blue ones to replace Special Needs Squeaker. Spike still loves him, so we still keep him around, even though he can't stand up anymore. I chose an Evil purple one and a Good green one for Spike and he happily chased them down the aisle. I asked the cashier to cut off the tags , and Spike played with Evil Purple Squeaker vigorously all the way home. Somehow Good Green Squeaker got lost under the blanket in the back of the car and I had to dig him out when we got home.

Now Evil Purple Squeaker (EPS) is Spike's favorite toy ever. He spent an hour in the backyard playing with him - I'm sure our neighbors loved that. TJ decided he had enough of the squeaking so he carefully washed EPS, and sat down to perform the centuries-old ritual of squeaker removal. It was a little bit sad, but Spike didn't mind at all, and now he's allowed to play with EPS as long as he wants to.

All three Squeakers will join us on our road trip next weekend. If you live in the Bay Area and would like to meet them in person, please let me know. When talking to Special Needs Squeaker, please be sensitive about his missing foot. He is still undergoing counseling and has not yet come to terms with the loss. Also, please do not call attention to the fact that Good Green Squeaker still squeaks. The other two are sensitive about their lack of squeakiness.

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  1. meanwhile it's been like Seattle here in Boston...


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