Saturday, October 28, 2006

You've gone straight to my head

Hey everyone! I just finished my last week of working full time. So I decided to spend some time today organizing our digital pictures. There's no good way to deal with all those files, is there? I went through most of our 2006 pictures, deleted the bad ones, and organized them into folders so I'd immediately know what was in them. I'm nowhere near done, but at least I have a system for the recent pictures. I'll tackle the backlog later.

I also uploaded 5 new galleries to our Smugmug site:

So you can see what we've been up to recently: Pittsburgh, Scottsdale, dog park, dog sitting, birthday dinners. It was quite a busy summer for us!

After sorting through all these pictures, I realized that I want to focus more on getting pictures when we go somewhere or hang out with friends. My pictures from Kristine's wedding were pretty pathetic - none of the bride after she got dressed, nothing from the extremely fun rehearsal dinner at Buca di Beppo, or from the church while we rehearsed. I think I was having too much fun to remember to take pictures.

I started thinking about pictures yesterday, when I watched a slideshow a coworker had put together for his wedding. He seemed to have tons of pictures of his fiancee and himself at various events, and with all their friends. We have a lot of dog pictures, but not too many of ourselves, or with our friends. I guess I need to start keeping my camera battery charged and carrying it in my purse. (My cell phone camera is next to useless, with its crappy LED flash.)

My guess is that TJ is not going to be thrilled about my newfound interest in getting pictures of him...

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