Friday, May 18, 2007

He wrote her name in the sand

Sometimes I wonder why I have so many CDs when I only listen to a few handfuls of them regularly. But today, I realized that having such a large CD collection (around 250, I think), leads to some magical happy moments.

A few weeks ago I was listening to our local radio station 103.7 The Mountain in my car. They occasionally get fixated on a couple of overrated artists (Los Lonely Boys, John Butler Trio, anyone?) but play a huge variety of music, from 70s classic rock to 80s classics to new folk and alternative stuff.

On this particular Saturday morning they played a song by Canadian superstars Blue Rodeo, called "5 Days in May". It was a gorgeous, haunting song. I filed it away in my brain as a song to look for later on iTunes, and of course promptly forgot about it.

Until yesterday, when I was filling my new iPod Shuffle with music. I came across a 1995 compilation CD from The Mountain in my collection, and found that song! That makes me so happy. I can't figure out why Blue Rodeo never got that popular in the US. I mean, for cryin' out loud, we have thoroughly embraced Bryan Adams, another Canadian, with far less talent. Of course, we are also the land of the Pussycat Dolls, so there you go.

Re: the season finale of Gray's Anatomy last week - how depressing. No one ended up happy, except the Chief and his wife. And it appears from the Internet, etc. that three of the characters won't be with us anymore: Burke, George and Addison. I guess Addison will still be on TV in her crappy new show, but I'm sure as heck not going to watch, even though it stars the yummy Taye Diggs. But I thought Sandra Oh did an *amazing* job in the last scene. I was riveted. My other favorite part? Burke practicing his wedding vows in the OR. And of course, like any other show, they had to have the mega-cliffhanger ending. So cliche. But since it's my current favorite show, I will forgive them.

In other TV news, Jordin and Blake are in the finale on American Idol, as I had predicted. I'm hoping Blake doesn't win at this point, since the AI machine will squelch any actual unique musical talent he has, if he's forced to take their recording contract. This year, they had a songwriting contest for the songs in the finale. I *really* hope someone wrote something that doesn't suck. They haven't managed to get it right in the first four seasons, so here's to hoping they do this time. In the meantime, go download Weird Al's "Do I Creep You Out?"

Today I had a yummy breakfast with our friend Dave at the Brown Bag Cafe in Redmond. They serve pancakes the size of dinner plates. I got strawberry cream cheese French toast, which I wouldn't get again, but it wasn't bad. I can't wait to go back and try the pancakes, the blueberry pancakes and the banana pecan ones.

And as a counterpoint to that breakfast, I went to the gym this morning and did another Week3 of the C25K workout. It was easy (yay) so I think I'm ready to move on to Week 4. Woo hoo!

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