Sunday, April 20, 2008

Bend me break me anyway you need me

Note to self: do not post after having 3 glasses of wine... Last night's post has been unceremoniously removed. Though I did get to play Rock Band on the XBOX last night (omg, was I really singing in front of a room full of people?!) and I have to say I LOVED it.

Lazy Sunday here, and finally the sun came out after a couple of days of snow, sleet and crazy hail interludes. Since the dogs were getting stir-crazy we went to the park in the hail. It was surprisingly fun, maybe because I actually put on all my woolies and managed to stay pretty warm and dry despite the horrendously craptastic weather that passes for spring in these parts.

Now Peanut and I are relaxing in front of the fireplace, because TJ so nicely made a fire for us. I love these quiet afternoons.

I started advertising my Etsy shop last week on Project Wonderful, which is a site that lets you place bids on ad space for just a few cents. You can put a cap on your daily spending, or spending for the whole campaign, so you don't go overboard. I've now seen my ads on various blogs all over the world, and definitely have gotten some clicks, which is cool. (No sales yet, though, since I started advertising.)

I put a couple of PW ad spaces on my own blog here (scroll down to the bottom of the page to see them). So in a few days, I should be able to see other people "bidding" for the space on my ad boxes. Hopefully I can get to a nice steady-state where the few cents I make from my ad space can be reinvested into advertising my Etsy shop on this network. That would be too cool.

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  1. Um, I can't believe it's snowing in Seattle in April. TJ must really be bummed! :(


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