Thursday, July 03, 2008

People say I'm white and nerdy

Quick post since I'm at work, and need to actually, you know, WORK. Last night while I was working at home, I noticed that the Etsy Treasury was about to have spaces available, so I was lucky enough to get one and pick my own list of favorite items for display.

So my theme was Science Geek, and of course I had to name it after a song lyric so I chose Weird Al's "White and Nerdy". And to be a good Etsy sheep, I didn't even put one of my own items in there.

Here's a screen shot (click it to see the large detailed version):

If you see this before Sunday July 6, you can click on the real thing and actually add your comments:

White and Nerdy Treasury

Supposedly Treasuries with lots of clicks and comments have a better shot of making it to the Etsy Front Page, so help me out :)

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