Sunday, August 17, 2008

We are all made of stars

So it's been a while since I blogged, because work was kicking my butt last week. I had a huge deadline on Friday, which as a project manager, is always fun, because I'm not the one doing the work, but I need to make sure everyone else gets their work done on time. That's the stressful part.

But we mostly hit our deadline, except for a few stragglers so I'm pretty happy. And I have a minute to breathe.

In celebration, I had a very lazy day yesterday. But I did finally make some progress on the necklace I am making for Dawn, and she liked the early pics I sent, so that's cool. Today I just need to put the second one into the liver of sulfur oxidation solution to get the silver chain a little less shiny, and polish it up a bit, and then I can pack them up and send them to her. I've been so busy that I'm about 3 weeks late on this project (!). Fortunately she is very understanding.

In exciting Etsy news this week, I had two sales! (I almost never have two sales in one week!) One for GeekMagnets, and another for the lanyard I made a couple of months ago. So yay! I'm up to 33 total sales now. It's a little short of the one sale per week goal I had for the first year, but I'm actually very happy with it, since I haven't done a whole lot of advertising for my little shop.

And of course, we've been watching the Olympics, both on our Media Center, and on NBC. Fun. I love watching the track and field. The womens' marathon was pretty impressive, with the gold medalist from Romania who aggressively got out in front of the pack about halfway through the race, and then held on to her minute lead the whole time. Craziness.

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