Thursday, August 30, 2012

Rearranging my time

A few weeks ago, the third trimester BLERGH finally hit me.  I'd look forward to a little crafty time after putting T to bed, only to realize by 7pm *I* was also ready for bed.  And then I figured I'd get up early and grab a few hours before she wakes up, only to sleep well past 7am, thanks to a hubby who's an early bird and usually gets T ready in the morning.

I'm taking the prenatal vitamin, iron, and vitamin D regularly so I doubt it's fixable.  It's just that being the size of a planet takes its toll on one's body, I guess.  Which is a bummer because I was late to the OMG AWESOME second trimester energy party thanks to whatever ick I picked up on our way to Ireland back in April.

I'm coming to terms with the idea that my productive hours are severely limited to morning/afternoon now and trying to work *with* that rather than against it.  I've shifted easy things like showering and reading blogs or fiction to the evenings since they don't take much energy. 

I try to "seize the day" as soon as I get out of bed to attack my to-dos.  I get dressed and ready, grab some crafty time, make phone calls on my huge list (which is decreasing!), do the brain-intensive work tasks like writing and reading technical docs, etc as early as I can in the day without setting an alarm to get up at an ungodly hour.

Not a perfect solution because I feel like I've got less time overall to "get stuff done" but I have to come to terms with that sooner or later.  Baby X' is going to force the issue in a big way, so the sooner I can get used to that, and start being gentler with myself about productivity, the better.

Tomorrow T is going to spend the day with my mom, so I'll have a little extra time to get some things done while I'm not completely exhausted.  But I also have another doctor's appointment (sigh). 

one of the list items - T's birthday invitations - CHECK!

On the list for tomorrow- tackle some financial tasks.  I've set up an auto-payment to pay my credit card bill automatically each month, but it's not the full balance - just enough so I don't get charged a late fee.  I just need to get in there and pay the darn thing.  For some reason I hate this task with a flaming passion.  I probably just need to stop using that card and only pay cash/use my debit card instead.

The second thing is to call the credit card company and block charges by Northridge Publishing so they can't sneak in any more extra charges.  It's ridiculous that I have to do this but in the long run it's more work to keep an eagle eye out and dispute every charge (there have been 3 unauthorized ones so far!).

Totally doable but too much to think about now at the late hour of 8pm.  So I'm going to curl up with my Kindle, and be asleep before 9.  Such a glamorous life!


  1. I say enjoy your sleep while you can! I am getting about six interrupted hours on a good night. I'm imressed with how much of the list you've gone through.

    1. ooh, 6 hours at a stretch is awesome with a baby. Go you! (though of course it's never enough, right??!) 6 was the edge of what I needed to feel human. I'm a little afraid of what's coming, being 3 years older and having T's schedule to contend with as well.

  2. I never got the 2nd trimester energy boost my second time around. I was just exhausted from start to finish... to a few weeks ago, when Petunia finally started sleeping through the night! I think you are right, you have to be more gentle on yourself to get through it. I had to let so much stuff just go. My husband picked up a lot of the slack, but some of it just... went. And we all survived.

    1. @Cloud, I feel for your sleep struggles. I cannot imagine. I've recently started eating better again, in the hopes that it'll help combat the lack of sleep that's coming up. And I can only hope that Baby X' is as good a sleeper as her big sister was as a newborn. Unlikely, i know.

      In the meantime, I'm just going to sleep a lot. The crucial things on The List are pretty much done. Several of the items are "nice to haves" that only I will notice if they don't get done.

  3. I'm impressed you get done as much as you do. I don't even have kids, or any on the way and I don't think I get as much as you do done.

    1. @Jenn - I'm definitely WAY more efficient now that I have so many demands on my time. We also do so much better now that we have no TV. Esp in the summer when the 2 shows I do watch aren't on!


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