Sunday, March 31, 2013

Isn't it lucky?

We had amazing weather this weekend - temperature in the high 60s (Fahrenheit!), bright sunshine and dry. It was just enough to remind me why we live here and put up with 9 months of grey.

TJ took T to a birthday party yesterday - her first one where we don't know the parents. It seems like a sort of milestone. She had a great time, of course. While they were gone, BabyM and I headed over to our local outdoor mall to walk and shop. I wanted to find some cute outfits for the girls to wear for our family photos next week.

Cute matching tutus from
I got lucky and found these gorgeous blue tutu skirts on sale at Naartjie. Oddly, the only one they had left, in size XXXL (9 years) fits T just fine.  It's a little long, but the waist fits just right. Crazy. And I was able to find one for BabyM as well. I'm a sucker for little girls in tutus.  But not the super short ones - I definitely prefer the ones that can be worn as skirts.

I like having coordinating outfits for family photo shoots - not totally matching, but I like the girls to match, and TJ and I will both wear black shirts and jeans. I found a nice black shirt at Eddie Bauer, so I can see the end of the nursing-wear tunnel, finally.  BabyM eats a lot less frequently than she used to, so I can try to wear some normal shirts again.

Awesome necklace from
We passed the Ann Taylor store on the way back to the car, and an item in the window display stopped me in my tracks. It was a  bold sparkly necklace with round clear stones edged in aqua metal. Very retro cool. I had to have it. I walked into the store, ready to pay dearly for it, and was thrilled to find out it was "only" $58, but even better, IT WAS ON SALE. 30% off, baby.

So it's now mine, and will also make an appearance in our photo shoot. I'm excited because the aqua matches the cute shirt I bought for T, so we'll be matching too!

Today TJ made us waffles for breakfast, I had some crafting time, he took a motorcycle ride, the girls napped at the same time for a whole hour, and we had a picnic in the park with some good friends.

This weekend really felt like an unexpected gift. (Insert sigh of contentment here.)


  1. So glad that spring has arrived for you and your family got some time together to enjoy it. I am looking forward to seeing your family photos. We are long overdue for a proper professional session!

  2. Simple pleasures are the best. Enjoy your time with the kids now - soon they'll be big (10 & 12) like mine.... and the family time is just as good but so different!

  3. This sounds like an amazing weekend! I'm very jealous of the necklace, it's gorgeous! x

  4. Wow, what a relief that you were speaking in degrees of Fahrenheit, because I had started to think that global warming had really hit Seattle hard. :-P

    And is it okay if we have the same necklace if we live on opposite ends of the country AND if we promise not to wear it if we meet? Because I might just have to have that too.

    So glad you had such a beautiful weekend!

    1. ;) I have some crafty readers from other countries, so I figured I should clarify!

      And yes, please go buy the necklace if it makes you happy. I am SO not one of those people who cares about other people having the same stuff!

  5. love your unexpected and very lovely weekend :)

  6. it is so lovely when things just work out! :)

  7. Ooooh, pretty necklace. I have pretty much given up on necklaces as the kids tend to yank on them, but this makes me want to try again!

    What a wonderful weekend. Happy April to you.

    1. I know - I don't wear anything but earrings since I have a nursing baby. I was just starting to wear stuff again after T turned 2, but had to quit. I don't even wear my engagement ring since I'm worried about scratching the baby with it.

  8. Love, love, love the necklace. Can't wait to see the finished family photos!


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