Monday, April 01, 2013

Project Life 2013: It Ain't Easy Being Green

I am inspired by color. On the too-rare occasions when I get a pedicure, I always have a strong feeling for what color I want, and it's all over the board. It depends on my mood and the season.

This also happens when I'm making beaded jewelry - I nearly always have an idea for color combinations first, and then I search through my bead stash to make it happen. This is why I sort my beads by color. I also sort all my paper scraps and embellishments by color for the same reason.

For my last Project Life layout, I took inspiration from a few bright green and white cards I got in the Studio Calico Project Life grab bags I bought a few weeks ago. It was perfect for the 2 week period encompassing St. Patrick's Day, even though we didn't really celebrate it. TJ and I tried to remember what we did that day, and all we came up with was "we wore green" and "we ate out somewhere". Sometimes I'm not so good at documenting these things.

What I also love about this layout is that I mixed super-old and new products. The "THIS WEEK", "LUCKY", "this is my beautiful life", speech bubbles, and "FAVORITE" cards and the white letter stickers are from recent Studio Calico Project Life kits. But the photorealistic grass paper, which matches the color scheme perfectly, is ancient in scrapbook years - mid 2000s? So are the kelly green number stickers on the calendar and hello card, and the vinyl bracket border on the week card.

Mar 11-24: Mostly @ home, daily routine stuff

Mar 11-24: Daddy Day at preschool, dinner with friends, deep thoughts

The calendar thingy.
I'm still working at our kitchen table, since the hole in my craft room ceiling is still open, which means I've got limited embellishments to use - some sequins, wood veneers, Thickers, miscellaneous stickers and die cuts. The upside is that my layouts are coming together faster without the decision paralysis of having a whole roomful of stuff from which to choose.

Here's a slide show of my 2013 pages, including close-ups.  If you can't see it, click here to view my entire 2013 Project Life gallery.

Project Life @ The Mom Creative


  1. I love how you themed it with St. Patrick's Day. And, it is totally okay not to go overboard celebrating every holiday. A nice dinner is enough :) All the different journaling styles is great too. The journaling is what makes PL for me.

  2. Beautiful pages. I love green and you have used it so well here. I love the photo of you and Baby M. She is well out of the newborn stage and turning into her own wee person now,isn't she?

  3. The sequins over the calander dates is brilliant! Baby M is just precious too~

  4. I love how you use color and those wood veneer people. and how you're combining two weeks.

  5. I remember photo realistic papers! I'm sure I have some left in my stash too. I was looking for veneer people (or even acrylic ones) just the other day but wasn't having much luck. They are so cute, I hope they will still be around. Your baby is adorable! Great expressions!

  6. I love this. Have I said that enough times on your blog? But also, I hate you. (I think I've said that a number of times as well.) Today, it's because for some reason I had forgotten that you were now a SAHM (please forgive me if you wrote about not going back to work after your maternity leave - prolonged lack of sleep has no doubt killed off millions of brain cells). Any family that can make that work -- and allows Mama to have some daily MamaTime -- has me dying of jealousy.

  7. Cute spread - Love that you used older supplies with new supplies!

  8. I love how you are using embellishments on the calendar cards!

  9. I really like the color for St Patrick’s day! Love the little people!

  10. super cool! love the green! thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

  11. Love the greens! Beautiful!


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